My duties as a SAP Consultant

As a SAP consultant, I am well versed in both the IT and business aspects.

It is necessary to be able to master the SAP software as well as to understand the economic business processes.

A good empathy and excellent knowledge of human nature are a must-have, requiring me to work closely with other people, departments within my business, and companies using our products and services.

My responsibility is to help my client to improve their competitiveness, the basis for the SAP system. Throughout the introduction of the SAP processes, I am available. Due to the fact that some current SAP landscapes may need to be adjusted and realigned, I am readily available. From conception to implementation, extreme focus is exercised to perform intensive testing of processes to ensure the ultimate solution. I have worked in Application Management, and have become a reliable and important resource in assisting my customers. Troubleshooting and resolving issues – everything from analyzing the issue to resolving the bug, requires significant analytical expertise; issues often have varying causes. Oftentimes, I am present at the customer site.

Working in Application Management has allowed me to become a reliable and important resource in assisting my customers It is important to understand, in detail, the customer’s needs before implementing or optimizing a process. This is best accomplished through personal discussion. Then, the intense exchanges with colleagues, other consultants and developers can occur, in order to present a reliable and optimal solution. Therefore, I bring with me a high degree of flexibility and mobility for my consulting work.